The following video tutorial will aid your understanding of how to add categories in the "Pages" section of your Wordpress dashboard. There is also some information on how to add these categories to your main navigation menu. Disabling Top Level Links in Wordpress Following some recent requests for information on how to disable the top-level links in Wordpress, I would suggest you read this article on the Stack Exchange (SE) website. SE is a resource where you can exchange information related to web development. As you can see there are many different ways to disable your website visitors clicking through to your top level menu items. However, the solution that I would recommend that you use is to use jQuery code: jQuery(document).ready(function( $ ) { $('#your-menu-item>a').click(function(e) { e.preventDefault(); }); }); Which you should strip using Notepad on Windows or Text Wrangler on Mac. Make sure the single quotations are properly formatted when editing in either of these text editors. #your-menu-item will the id of the element where you want

to make sure the user cannot click. To find this code, right click on one of the top level items in the main navigation on any of your pages, and then select "inspect element". See below where I studied the layout of my theme and found that each top level item has a unique ID. In this case I targeted #menu-item-35. When I add this to the jQuery, the top level item will no longer be clickable. Save the code above as a file called script.js in the "js" directory of your website theme folder. You can find this directory by logging into your hosting account (Reclaim hosting for example) and accessing the file manager of your site. Then navigate to the folder where your theme's files are stored. In my account they are stored here: wp-content>themes>your-theme>js and save it in there. Once you have saved your file here, you need to tell…

Welcome to my new research blog! Here i'll be adding content related to my PhD at University College Cork, Ireland. My study is focused on the Seán Ó Riada Cllection - what does it tell us about his rise to prominence in Ireland during the 1950s and 1960s? If you have any thoughts, comments or ideas, I would be

interested in hearing from you.   Many of the ideas that I express here will not be complete, but i'm constantly revising. Get in touch on the contact page, or tweet at From time to time i'll also be sharing some tutorials relating to web development and tips on the use of digital tools in general.