I am an ethnomusicologist and web developer, currently in year three of his PhD studies here at University College Cork. My work combines theory from the Digital Arts and Humanities, Interactive Media and Ethnomusicology. Research interests include;

  • The creation of data
  • Content manipulation with digital tools
  • Content retrieval through the use of Music Encoding Initiative
  • Versioning a digital interface development
  • The ‘repatriation’ and dissemination of digital collections.

I co-founded “Outreach Ethnomusicology”, an online Ethnomusicology community when I was eager to share the results of my fieldwork with other MA students at the University of Limerick. Outreach is a place where students, professors, performers, archivists, and music enthusiasts can share their music-related experiences. For more about Outreach Ethnomusicology, click here

I develop code on Github -> repos here

At the present time, I am completing the development of a timeline of documentation that exists within the Seán Ó Riada special collection. Here is a screenshot of the current version. I am using PHP, MySQL, D3 and SVG to create an interface for this timeline, in addition I am developing a platform for music score viewing and GIS mapping of letter descriptions, which will allow us to look through the collection in new ways. The collection is currently only searchable through this descriptive list. This new interface will also connect the material from each music related project by Seán Ó Riada. Eventually this will come together as a digital tool for future researchers.


I also work as a freelance website editor, coder and developer, most recently i’ve contracted on a website called “People Per Hour”. Read more about that here.


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